About tortuetec


The mission tortuetec GmbH was started in 2009 as an engineering consultancy for modeling of structures and materials. Meanwhile tortuetec has aquired vast experience solving mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical problems for it's clients. For simulation tasks involving highly nonlinear contact/friction/wear and highly nonlinear material models, especially for polymers, Z-mat has been used. For multiphysical problems including mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and electricity, the EDF family of of simulation codes (Code Aster, Syrthes, Code Saturne) has been used. Projects have been completed in the fields of product engineering and process engineering, whereby polymers, metals and ceramics have been treated. Building upon this expertise, we focus our activity on polymer applications.

Photo of Thomas Dick

Thomas Dick, director of tortuetec GmbH, graduated in aerospace technology from Bauman University Moscow (B.Eng.) and material science from the University of Leoben (MSc). Then he worked as a researcher at Armines, Paris and AC2T Research GmbH, Wiener Neustadt. He received his Doctorate from the Ecole des Mines in Paris, France in 2006. We wrote his doctoral thesis about multi scale damage modeling in aeroplane turboengines made of Ti6Al4V alloy. He then worked as an engineer at Boehler Uddeholm. In 2009 he started tortuetec GmbH, an Austrian engineering consultancy for materials related engineering. Since then he has done various customer projects involving polymers and metals with an emphasis on material modeling, fatigue prediction and wear computation. Since 2012 he conducts polymer testing and modeling projects with NW Numerics. In 2013 he became director of NW Numerics GmbH, a company fully dedicated to bringing polymers to FEA through testing and modeling.

Photo of Karl Lagler

Karl Lagler, director of tortuetec GmbH, graduated at the higher technical College for machinery and automation in St. Poelten and later machinery and economics at the Technical University of Vienna. He wrote his diploma thesis in the area of CFD simulation for the cooling cirquit of Diesel engines at BMW in Steyr. After that he worked as an engineer for BRP Rotax in Gunskirchen and dealed mainly with structural and torsional vibration analysis for small combustion engines. Since 2007 he worked as an engineering consultant for structural and torsional vibration analysis. In 2013 he joined Thomas Dick as a director at tortuetec GmbH.